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Bring Farms Back!

Millions of pounds of produce are transported into Atlanta from across the country each year. To change this, we are building a farm and food hub to jump-start the Atlanta Harvest urban farming network! 







Build a high-output farm. With your help, 

we'll build 6 of these hoop houses.




Build farms around the city. This modular design 

will enable many new farmers to get started.




Connect local food producers and consumers. 

Spur economic development, jobs training,

and fresh food supply in areas of need.














The mission of Atlanta Harvest is to cultivate passion and drive innovation in the city, for the city. We love the city of Atlanta and want to see it thrive through dignifying work opportunities and increased access to locally grown, farm fresh food. Our goals are:

  • To close the gap between local food producers and local food consumers
  • To further spread the art and career of farming to distressed neighborhoods in the city
  • To support communities through increased economic vitality
  • To meet the Atlanta market's demand for farm-fresh organic produce from within the city 

We will accomplish these goals by creating a food hub and a network of independently-owned, high-output farms. The food hub will provide processing, distribution, and marketing for the farms. The farms will produce a consistent, organic supply of leafy greens! Through our farming network, individuals or organizations with little to no farming experience can quickly own and operate their own farm. And thanks to the food hub, they will have a guaranteed buyer and seller for all that they produce. The Atlanta Harvest model is designed to serve both farmers and customers.




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